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Virtual Gift Certificate

Are you one of the millions who dread the thought of teeming malls filled with frazzled holiday shoppers? Then the Webcertificate is for you.
The newest and most convenient way to shop is the first and only online gift certificate, Webcertificate ( It can be emailed to anyone, anywhere, at anytime, and can be redeemed at virtually every one of the estimated one million online retailers.

Webcertificate functions just like a paper gift certificate, except that its virtual. It works this way: select the design you desire for the particular occasion (Christmas, holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc.); choose the denomination of the gift; give the name and e-mail address of the recipient; add a personalized e-mail gift message. Thats it! The buyer has the opportunity to preview the completed certificate before paying by credit card, and receives an email receipt confirming the name of the recipient and the gift amount sent. The recipient receives the Webcertificate instantly over the Internet.

The Webcertificate recipient will be issued an account number and expiration date, similar to a credit card, which they can use at any online merchant on the Web. Online purchases are instantly deducted from the Webcertificate gift account, where the available balance can be reviewed online at any time. A convenient shoppers guide of suggested online merchants is also available.

This new website will be launched on Black Friday – traditionally the darkest shopping day of the year, – November 27, 1998. Lighten the shopping load for yourself and a friend by giving a virtual gift certificate.

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