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Advanta Class Action Settlement

Wolf, Block, Schorr and Solis-Cohen and Girard & Green LLP have issued an important notice to all persons who, during any portion of the period from January 1, 1992 until November 2, 1998, (1) maintained a consumer credit card issued by Advanta National Bank, Advanta National Bank USA, or Colonial National Bank USA; (2) established a balance through the SmartMove program; and (3) were charged an interest rate on that balance higher than the rate described in the promotional material pursuant to which the balance was established.
On December 23, 1998, a hearing will be held before the Honorable Vincent A. Bifferato, Judge of the Delaware Superior Court, to determine whether a proposed settlement of this class action for monetary and other consideration should be approved by the Court as fair, reasonable and adequate, and whether to award counsel fees and reimbursement of expenses to plaintiffs’ counsel. The hearing will take place at the Daniel Herrmann Courthouse, 1020 N. King Street, Wilmington DE 19801.

If you are a member of the Class, and do not exclude yourself, you may be entitled to share in the distribution of the settlement fund. A detailed notice describing the action, the proposed settlement, the hearing, and the options for class members, has been mailed to members of the Class. Any class member who has not received a copy of that notice may obtain one via email at [email protected], or by written request submitted to one of the following plaintiffs counsel:

Daniel C. Girard, Esquire
Girard & Green LLP
160 Samsome Street, Suite 300
San Francisco CA 94104

Richard A. Freese, Esquire
Langston, Frazer, Sweet & Freese, P.A.
Morgan Keegan Center
2900 Highway 280, Suite 240
Birmingham, AL 35223

Scott R. Shepherd
Shepherd & Geller, LLC
117 Gayley Street, Suite 200
Media, PA 19063

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