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Presto! Card

The virtual world has arrived on your phone line. The Presto! Card from EconoPhone is the first virtual prepaid phone calling card, and enables you to dial out on any phone immediately after signing-up for the service on the Web.
Just visit, complete the easy on-line order form, hit the submit button, and Presto!, you can immediately use your virtual prepaid phone calling card for domestic and international long-distance calls. The order is sent over a secure connection to EconoPhone for verification, and within seconds the credit card information is authorized and an e-mail comes back with a toll-free access number and a personal security code for the account.

The card is available in denominations of $10, $15, $20, $25 or $50, with a billing rate of 9.9 cents per minute with no per-call surcharge. The minimum call length is 30 seconds, with customers being billed in six second increments after that. Presto! Card users can go online to view their calling record and determine the number of minutes remaining on the virtual card account. In addition to these features, Presto! Card offers special local rates to callers in the 212, 516, 718 and 914 area codes, as well as competitive international rates.

The Presto! Card is the only prepaid phone card that can’t be lost or stolen, is easily recharged on the Web, offers savings of up to 85% on every call, and can be used from virtually anywhere in the U.S. to virtually everywhere in the world.

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