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US Airways Card Beefs-Up

Beginning now, corporate air travelers can enjoy enhanced benefits and a wider range of travel information capabilities with the new US Airways Air Travel Card.
The Air Travel Card, which has always offered such benefits as:

–the ability to pay for all airline travel using only one credit card,

–worldwide card acceptance,

–no initial deposits, annual fees or extra card charges,

–cardless accounts to ensure against unauthorized use, and

–$200,000 worth of travel insurance at no charge,

now has been enhanced to include the following benefits for cardholders:

–management reports to summarize travel patterns and itemize costs,

–simplified record-keeping, payment and cost accounting data,

–customized billing statements to detail and track airfare expenses,

–flexibility to choose how and when to receive monthly billing statements, as well as the number of statements to be received, and the

–ability to receive billing statements electronically. US airways is one of 27 airlines throughout the world that issues the Air Travel Card, which is now accepted by more than 200 airlines worldwide.

There are many ways to contact US Airways. For additional information on the US Airways Air Travel Card, call US Airways at 800-528-3819 or email them at [email protected] Information is available about US Airways flights by contacting your professional travel consultant or calling US Airways at 800-428-4322. You can also visit their Web site at

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