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The Get-In Card

The Card that Gets You In, can make Hollywood dreams come true for Universal Studios Credit Card cardholders.
The Universal Studios Credit Card, the worlds first credit card that gives cardholders special access to a major studios entertainment assets, also offers the most comprehensive array of entertainment choices of any credit card, including concerts, television productions and theme park services and discounts. This year, 24 people from across the country will attend the gala Hollywood events, The Peoples Choice Awards, airing on January 10 on CBS, and the American Music Awards, airing on January 11 on ABC. Select cardholders will be given the red carpet treatment, including orchestra seating and – most important of all – full access to each events private pre- and post-show receptions.

By using the Universal Studios Credit Card, cardholders can earn and accumulate StudioPoints and be able to redeem them for movie tickets, home videos, private screenings, invitations to World Premieres, CD Box sets, concerts – even a walk-on role in a Studios USA television show.

Among other entertainment-related opportunities the card offers to its cardholders are:

–Allowing them to get in to the world premiere of the University Pictures release October Sky, starring Laura Dern and Jake Gyllenhaal;

–Allowing them to get in the Soap Opera Digest Awards;

–Allowing them to get in a Rolling Stones concert; and

–Allowing them to get in the Academy of Country Music Awards.

In addition to all those exciting features, the card carries no annual fee, is accepted by more than 3 million merchants nationwide, provides $500,000 flight insurance, offers cash advances at more than 160,000 locations throughout the country, and is available at a special 5.9% introductory APR for 6 months, then goes to prime plus 9.9% (minimum 19.8%).

Vacationers will appreciate the benefits the card offers at the Hollywood and Orlando Universal Theme Parks:

–Free second day admission when the first day is purchased with the card;

–20% discount on purchase of the coveted Celebrity Annual Pass and VIP Tours;

–10% discount on food and non-alcoholic beverages at select theme park restaurants; and

–10% discounts on select merchandise purchased with the card at theme park stores.

If all of this sounds good to you, you can get further information regarding these and other Gets You In events and special benefits, or you can purchase tickets, by calling toll free 800-289-8275.

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