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Dining For Miles

Eat then fly. Thats how it works for Northwest Airlines WorldPerks members, with the introduction of the new Dining for Miles program.
Northwest, in partnership with The Signature Group, now allows their WorldPerks members to earn 10 miles for every dollar spent in thousands of restaurants nationwide.

The Dining for Miles program is complimentary and available to all WorldPerks members in the U.S. It works this way: members must call 1-800-232-3947 to enroll in the program, and may register up to three of their credit or debit cards for use when paying their restaurant checks. The credit cards that quality for the program are: VISA, MasterCard, American Express and the Discover Card, as well as VISA or MasterCard debit cards. A separate ID or program card is not required. When paying the restaurant tab – the member simply presents their pre-registered credit card, and the miles will automatically accrue on their WorldPerks account.

Up to 6,000 miles per visit will automatically be credited to the members account based on a maximum limit of $600, including food, beverage, tax and gratuity. Members will receive miles on their first visit each month at each participating restaurant. An up-to-date listing of those restaurants can be obtained on an easy 24-hour phone access system, through either an automated audio review or a toll-free fax-back service.

The best part comes after eating all those wonderful meals. WorldPerks members can redeem their miles for travel on Northwest Airlines ( and its partner airlines to more than 400 cities in over 80 countries on six continents.

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