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VISA Hall of Fans Opens

On January 19, 1999, 31 of the ultimate NFL fans will be honored in the hallowed halls of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, for the first time in NFL history.
In a nationwide search, VISA and the Pro Football Hall of Fame identified the most dedicated, loyal, knowledgeable and enthusiastic fan from each of the 31 NFL teams. The VISA Hall of Fans exhibit will be unveiled in a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Hall of Fame, and will feature mementos, pictures and descriptions of the fans tales. Also included will be a film of the leagues most outrageous fans. Hall of Famer and NFL legend Art Donovan, former lineman for the Baltimore Colts, will also be on hand for the ceremonies.

A few of the fans being honored that you might recognize include:

–Jersey John – he hails from New Jersey but has logged more than 6000 miles for each of the past 22 seasons getting to Pittsburgh Steelers games;

–Mama Blue – a grandmother who dons Seattle Seahawk blue and green and spends 4 hours applying her special make-up each game day; and

–Mikey T., Boss Hogette best known for his black and white polka-dot dresses, pig snouts and bellowing oinks cheering on his favorites – the Redskins offensive line, known as the Hogs.

Since its opening in 1963, the Pro Football Hall of Fame has welcomed over six million fans. Now the unsung heroes of the game — the fans — will be honored along side famous figures of the sport.

The Hall of Fans search is just the latest happening in VISAs relationship with the NFL. VISA is now in its fourth year as the preferred payment card of the NFL, and it sponsors the nationally televised VISA Halftime Report on FOX, as well as various NFL-themed advertising and retail tie-ins.

Check-out VISAs Web site,, then click Sponsorships and Events, for more info on their relationship with the NFL.

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