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Fast Gas And Go

Modern technology has allowed all of us to squeeze more hours out of our day. Now two million Americans are using the revolutionary Mobil Speedpass to fill their tank in a hurry, without ever opening their wallet for cash or a credit card.
The state-of-the-art Speedpass electronic payment technology being utilized by Mobil employs radio frequency signals emitted by a miniature electronic transponder attached to a key chain or a cars rear window. This device talks to an electronic system in the gas pump, automatically charging fuel purchases to a credit card previously designated by the customer.

This new technology is just another in a long line of customer-oriented services. Mobil has been the industry leader in development of electronic payment systems, including bank debit cards, pump-located Customer Activated terminals (pay-at-the-pump), and the Mobil Go Card, a pre-paid card.

Drivers must enroll in the Speedpass program to acquire a free transponder tag. There are several easy ways to enroll: call toll-free on 877-MY MOBIL; stop by any participating Mobil service station and complete an enrollment form; or visit the Speedpass Web site at There is no cost to consumers for the transponder, and no extra service charge to fill-up.

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