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Online Shopping – A Hit!

More Americans tried shopping online this holiday season than ever before. More importantly, 98% of online holiday shoppers said they were pleased with the experience.
The future of online shopping appears to be very bright, with 90% of those responding to a recent survey conducted by VISA saying that they plan to shop online again, and 88% saying they would recommend shopping online to a friend. Getting repeat customers is always harder than getting the customer in the first place, so VISA is especially encouraged by these statistics.

Here are some interesting facts turned up by the 1,128-person VISA survey, which was conducted January 5-12, 1999:

–The vast majority (over 92%) of those surveyed found most of the gifts they ordered arrived on time and in good condition.

–Over 60% said they were satisfied with the customer service they received.

–Over 40% of the respondents bought books, 30% bought clothes, 27% bought CDs and 18% bought toys.

–15% of shoppers surveyed spent more than they planned on gifts, with the largest portion of those (33%) spending between $100 and $249 on Internet purchases. Over half of those purchases were made using a VISA card.

–43% of online holiday shoppers went first to the Web page of a company that makes the product they wanted.

–Nearly 65% of those surveyed said they were aware of advertising promoting online shopping.

With more and more shoppers going online every day, the combination of VISA and the Internet is going to be hard to beat. You can reach VISA at

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