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BodyGuard Card

Theres a new way to have access to preferred provider organizations for most ancillary healthcare services. The Edward Price Company has launched the Bodyguard Card, a low-cost healthcare savings card program allowing consumers to obtain the same discounts, savings, quality assurance and selection advantages as are obtained through insurance programs – without having to purchase insurance. Some of the services include prescription drugs, vision care, dental, chiropractic, podiatry, acupuncture, hearing aids and alternative medicine.
Since the BodyGuard Card is not an insurance or a health plan, there are no deductibles or maximums, no claim forms, and no underwriting restrictions. Anyone can participate regardless of health status. The cost of the card is $69 per year for an individual and $89 for a family, with a 90-day money-back guarantee. To use the program, members simply show their card to participating providers. The provider then applies the negotiated PPO discount, and collects payment for the services rendered.

Initially designed to benefit Medicare recipients, consumers without health insurance, or those with limited HMO or health insurance, BodyGuard uses a network of networks of seven separate specialty PPOs with more than 78,000 pharmacies and providers nationwide, with over 10,000 in California alone. These PPO partners include: the American Dental Network, PCS (prescription drugs), Acupuncture Plus, Eye Care International, Capp Care (podiatry), Family Chiropractic America and the National Ear Care Plan.

If this sounds like a program suited to your healthcare and/or financial needs, visit for more information.

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