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Drawing on MasterCards data warehouse of several trillion bytes of aggregate transactional data, Merchant Advisor will deliver valuable geographic and demographic profiles to merchants, beginning the first quarter of 1999.
MasterCards new company – Transactional Data Solutions (TDS) – provides marketing information derived from anonymous card transactions previously conducted, basing results on demographic, lifestyle and media preferences. TDS first information product, Merchant Advisor, uses data that does not connect cardholder names, addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses to any transactions, ensuring total consumer privacy. The transactional data can then be used by merchants to formulate more effective strategies, target new customers, and increase sales.

Through Merchant Advisor retailers will have access to an unprecedented array of national and local market intelligence, in categories such as apparel, automotive, department stores, catalogers, drug stores, grocery stores, home furnishings, office supplies, travel and restaurants. The analyses will include:

–Competitors sales trends;

–Customer share and customer duplication;

–Consumer segments that do not shop at their store;

–Relative spending and frequency of consumer segments;

–Relative contribution of total revenue to industry, category, and store;

–Under-served customer segments and new growth areas;

–Consumer segment product usage, brand preference and lifestyle characteristics;

–The best mediums for reaching potential customer segments.

You can learn more about Transactional Data Solutions by visiting the Web site

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