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ATM Fee Ordinance

San Francisco’s proposed ordinance to forbid ATM surcharging is expected to be voted on Wednesday. Meanwhile the Oklahoma state Senate Finance Committee narrowly passed a bill last week putting a $1 cap on ATM surcharges. But, the co-sponsors of a bill banning ATM surcharges in Pennsylvania, have apparently given up in their fight. The San Francisco movement involves the creation of a prohibition in the San Francisco Police Code against ATM surcharging. Several consumer group representatives backed by organized labor supported the ordinance at the hearing last week. The heated debate also included representatives from the California Bankers Association. The Oklahoma committee voted 8-7 in favor of Senate Bill 317, authored by Sen. Angela Monson, to limit ATM fees. Monson indicated Friday that the likelihood of passage in its current form appears tentative. In Pennsylvania, State Senators Bodack and Belan said they haven’t decided if they’ll reintroduce ATM fee legislation since there appears to be little support for their effort.

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