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Low Rates Y2K

The teaser rate marketing game remains alive and well as CitiBank continues to market its 3.9% APR, 12-month balance transfer rate on its ‘Platinum Select VISA’. According to CardWeb’s CardWatch service, Citi has launched a direct mail campaign this week offering the 3.9% rate through March 1, 2000. The no-annual-fee ‘Platinum Select’ card charges a prime +7.9% rate for purchases and a 19.9% fixed rate for cash advances. The punitive APR is prime +12.9% and the late fee/over-limit fee is $25. While low rates continue to abound, higher fees are on the horizon. CardWatch also reports this week that MBNA is currently notifying cardholders that its late fee and over-limit fees are increasing from $25 to $29. Bank One is also currently notifying First Chicago cardholders this week that late fee and over-limit fees are going up. For the latest marketing/pricing intelligence for the card professional visit CardWatch ( and monitor CardFlash ( (special subscriber fees applies)

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