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MasterCard International is celebrating its third year of alliance with the French Government Tourist Office (Maison de la France), by announcing special value-added travel offers to its cardholders. Their combined ultimate goal is to promote France as the number one travel destination in the world.
The MasterCard Exclusives program, which provides MasterCard cardholders with exclusive travel discounts, special offers and upgrades, is expanding the alliance with Maison de la France. New services will include premier shopping discounts, new customized vacations, world-class hotel offers and upgrades, and a comprehensive Insiders Good Value Guide to France.

Some of the benefits of the 1999 MasterCard Exclusives program are:

**Exclusive, Customized Travel Packages — Cardholders can customize a trip to France, based on their personal interests and preferences. Travelers using their MasterCard will receive savings on airfares and hotel stays, complimentary breakfasts and transfers, and special- value offers at popular tourist attractions and museums. Special airfare discounts include 50% off a companion ticket from Los Angeles to Paris, Nice, Marseille, Toulon and Perpignan on AOM French Airlines.

**Travel Offers — Travelers will receive unique value certificates for special shopping and airline discounts and hotel and restaurant offers through the official France 1999 Discovery Guide.

**World Class Accommodation Special Offers — Cardholders receive preferential treatment at world-class hotels in France. Some participating hotels include:
Hotel Inter-Continental Paris, Hotel Gray dAlbrio, Hotel Concorde Saint-Lazare and Sofitel Parc Arc de Triomphe.

**Retail Discounts — 10% off purchases throughout the Samaritaine Department Store through February 2000.

**Free Car Rentals — Three free days of car rental when leasing a brand new, tax-free Renault for at least 17 days.

**Insiders Good Value Guide to France An insiders guide on shopping, museums, arts, culture, the new currency the Euro, and local transportation. The brochure is available beginning April 1999 through the Maison de la France at 410-286-8310.

Other brochures that might prove useful in planning your trip to France are: Air France Preferred Vacations or Air France Concorde Vacations. They can be ordered by calling 1-800-2FRANCE (800-237-2623).

Cardholders traveling worldwide that are in need of help can contact MasterCards customer service program, MasterCard Global Service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week – and in any language. The toll-free number in France is 0800 90 13 87. MasterCard can be reached through their Web site at

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