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Credit Ed '99

National Credit Education Week is upon us again – celebrated this year the week of April 18. The theme is Credit Education … Discover The Possibilities.
National Credit Education Week was established in 1945 by the International Credit Association to stress the need for citizens to understand credit and its importance in their lives. In view of the unprecedented number of bankruptcy filings in recent years, it is obvious that some of us could use a refresher course on the use of credit.

There are many purposes of National Credit Education week:

** to teach consumers how to use – and not
abuse credit

** to teach consumers how to build a good
credit rating

** to teach consumers how to maintain a good
credit rating

** to teach consumers that credit is a
responsibility as well as a tool to enhance
the quality of life

The Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) of Greater Fort Worth would like to bring to the attention of consumers in general, and especially those in 98 counties throughout North, Central and West Texas and New Mexico, that now is the time to learn more about credit. Visit their Web site,, or call them on 817-732-2227 from Tarrant County, or 800-374-2227 from elsewhere, for a credit counseling appointment. CCCS is a non-profit community service agency that provides individuals and families with confidential counseling, debt management and liquidation programs, as well as educational programs that promote consumer awareness of the wise use of credit. Spanish speaking counselors are available.

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