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The US and NATO Armed Forces in the Kosovo region now have available to them IDT Corporations Debitalk pre-paid callback calling card named the KosoKard.During this intensive, sensitive wartime period, the KosoKard enables troops to more easily call home, helping them to keep in touch with their families and loved ones.

Debitalk is a pre-paid callback phone card that allows people around the world to bypass the high cost of placing international calls from outside the United States, as if they were calling from inside the U.S. IDT is currently offering a 25% discount on all Debitalk KosoKards purchased on behalf of military personnel, which is approximately a 50-75% savings off local phone company rates. The KosoKard is available in $50, $100, $250 or $1000 pre-paid increments, and must be programmed to a touch-tone phone with a pre-determined callback number.

Those currently serving in the Kosovo region can purchase a KosoKard by accessing IDTs Web site, then clicking on the KosoKard sign-up link. They may also call 888-999-2226 or 201-928-2977 to sign-up by phone.

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