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Free Calls on Mother's Day

Call your mother, family, friends, in fact anyone all day long on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 9th for free. Yes, Net2Phone Direct is offering free domestic phone calls all day long as a way to introduce consumers to a cheaper way to make phone calls.

To take advantage of this deal, you must register at the Net2Phone Direct web site at Immediately after registering you will be able to take advantage of the free calls. Net2Phone Direct requires you to register with a credit card via their secure site, at which time you will be able to print out a temporary card. If you already are a customer of Net2Phone Direct you will need to call 800-989-4382 to activate this promotion.

This Mother’s Day promotion will help kick off Net2Phone’s 7.9 cents a minute “One Simple Rate” calling card. These new rates will be in effect starting Monday, May 10th.

How Net2Phone Direct Works:

Net2Phone Direct users call a toll-free or local number, which connects the call to a local gateway, which digitizes the caller’s voice and puts it onto Net2Phone’s private IP backbone. The system then prompts the user to enter their account number and the telephone number they wish to reach. The call is carried over the Internet to another gateway located close to the recipient’s area, which switches the call onto the local telephone network, and completes the call — all within seconds. Because the call only travels a short distance on the public switched telephone network, the total cost of the call is minimal.

For more information about the IDT’s Internet telephony services, please visit

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