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Foncard Rate Drop

If you have a Spree prepaid Foncard, the next time you make a call you might be surprised to here a message that you have additional minutes on your card. On May 1st Sprint reduced the rates for its Spree card for both domestic and international calls.
The most widely used denominations of the Spree cards, the $10 and $20 cards, will see the biggest percentage of increased minutes. The $10 card will increase from 31 to 40 domestic minutes while the $20 card goes from 63 to 80 minutes.

This rate change also affected international calling for calls originating in the United States to more that 210 countries, by lowering the cost up to 50%. Examples of rate changes include the United Kingdom, France and Germany, from 95 cents to 46 cents a minute; Sweden and Norway, $1.85 to 46 cents; Brazil, $1.85 to 92 cents; and Japan, $1.25 to 69 cents. Prepaid-card calls to Mexico have gone from 85 cents a minute to as little as 24 cents a minute depending on the time of day and the region being called.

Spree prepaid Foncards are sold in retail outlets and are currently available in $10, $20, $30, $50 and $100 denominations.

For the closest location of where Spree cards are sold in your area, please call 800-366-0707.

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