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GM Card Hits Hard

The General Motors MasterCard has come out swinging with a new solicitation aimed directly at the ‘Discover’ card, the ‘First Card Mileage Plus VISA’ and the ‘Citibank Driver’s Edge MasterCard’. In a direct mail campaign unleashed this week GM has placed actual, full-color pictures of each card on the front of the envelope. According to CardWatch (CardWeb’s online marketing intelligence service), GM claims in its solicitation to have “scored the highest in three areas consumers value most low introductory APR, no annual fee, and rich rewards.” The scoring was based on a comparison chart GM developed by gathering product information from various Web sites. GM/Household Bank is offering a fixed 3.9% intro APR through Dec. 31. The new solicitation also reflects Household’s revised credit card pricing a go-to Prime +10.49% interest rate with an 18.74% minimum APR; a default or punitive interest rate of Prime +15.4% with a 23.9% minimum APR. Household has also beefed-up its cash advance fee to 3% with a $15 minimum, and boosted late fees and over-limit fees to $29 each. For more information

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