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Emerald Card

Thought you’ve heard of every card color possible? No way! This week MBNA America, one of the nation’s top five card issuers, is hitting up the mailboxes of Irish Americans with the new Emerald Platinum Plus MasterCard. The card offers no special benefits for those of Irish descent except MBNA’s claim “it is taking part of Ireland’s future through its new office in Dublin”. The ‘Emerald’ card offers a 2.9% intro APR through the end of this year for balance transfers and cash advances. The go-to interest rate and the interest rate for new purchases is a fixed 12.99%. MBNA emphasizes in its current offer there are no transaction fees for initial balance transfers. MBNA has also been trimming back its credit line offers. The Emerald card features a $50,000 credit limit offer instead of the $100,000 credit limit formerly offered by MBNA on its Platinum Plus card products. For more information call 800-739-5554 or visit

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