Consumer Payment Card News


An Illinois firm and a secured card specialist unveiled an innovative business card program yesterday for companies that frequently provide cash advances or reimburses employees for expenses. PocketCard, Inc. is offering the new VISA card which enables companies to have flexible control over the card’s spending limit. Under the ‘PocketCard’ VISA program, the employer funds the program by transferring money from the company’s bank account into a ‘PocketCard’ virtual account. The funds are held by First National Bank of Brookings, South Dakota, which specializes in sub-prime and secured VISA and MasterCards. The funds are then made immediately available to each employee with a ‘PocketCard’, but the employer sets individual limits for each card. These limits, however, can be changed at any time, in real-time, by the company’s designated managers. Whenever an employee reaches the limit of his or her allocation, the card will not be accepted for purchases until the account is replenished. The employer can also review all card transactions at any time by accessing the account at PocketCard’s web site. The employer also has the option to let any or all cardholders access funds through an ATM. There is a $20 annual fee for a business ‘PocketCard’ program. The fee includes one employer or sponsor card and one employee or spender card. Each additional employee card costs $2.50. For more information

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