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Not Best Cardholders

Consumers who signup for credit cards on the Internet are not ideal cardholders says J.D. Power. A forthcoming study by J.D. Power and Associates concludes that consumers who apply for a credit card through the Internet carry higher balances but are more likely to miss payments. The ‘1999 Comprehensive Credit Cardholder Market Study’, to be released Aug. 3, says Internet-generated accounts carry balances that are 77% higher than the average. The market study also reveals that Internet cardholders are twice as likely to miss scheduled payments three or more times a year than other cardholders. Power also found that 33% of Internet card applicants are in search of low intro interest rates or because the want or need another card. The study of 10,400 credit cardholders recommends that Internet-generated accounts be managed closely even though acquisition costs are much lower than direct mail-generated accounts.

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