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Kroger Card – New & Improved

After six years with Fifth Third Bank the Kroger bank credit card has switched to U.S. Bancorp. The new and improved ‘Kroger VISA Rewards’ card was introduced last week to store customers in Cincinnati, Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth. The new card offer a range of awards including free groceries at Kroger stores, free airline tickets, free hotel accommodations, free movie rentals and free admittance to various local attractions in each market. The ‘Kroger VISA’ credits cardholders with two points for every dollar spent on the card at any Kroger location, and one point for every dollar spent on the card at any other retailer. Customers begin to earn rewards with as few as 2,000 points. There is no annual fee if the card is used three times in a 12-month period. The card also offers a variable intro rate which is currently 5.81%. For more information visit

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