Consumer Payment Card News


Business owners can now have their cake and eat it too. Citibank/Travelers Bank and Salomon Smith Barney joined up this week to roll out a ‘Financial Management Account’ for businesses. The ‘Business FMA’ account enables small and medium-sized businesses to consolidate cash flow management, investments, and borrowing through a single account. A key feature of the ‘Business FMA’ is a ‘Platinum MasterCard’ credit card issued through Travelers Bank. The MasterCard program enables the business owner to arrange for credit cards for principals in the business, as well as for key employees with segregated lines and reporting of purchases. Reporting and payments are automated through the ‘Business FMA’ statement and Internet access. The business owner may also choose a ‘Gold MasterCard’ debit card instead of, or in addition to, the credit card option, with an optional ‘Travel & Rewards’ program which offers travel, merchant, and special event rewards earned through debit card purchases. Citi is also offering credit/debit card merchant services for ‘Business FMA’ account holders through Citicorp Payment Services, Inc. Proceeds are credited directly to the ‘Business FMA’ account. Clients also receive discounts on their setup process when linked to the ‘Business FMA’. The program also offers payroll services through ADP and an financial reporting software interface with Intuit. For more information contact the local office of Salomon Smith Barney.

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