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Pokemon Smart Cards

It’s the biggest smart card program to be launched in the USA. It also promises to be the most fun! Nintendo of America Inc. announced this week it will distribute smart cards for its new ‘Pokemon Snap’ video game. The promotion will run through Thanksgiving. The smart cards are being provided by Gemplus, a global smart card manufacturer. While playing ‘Pokemon Snap’, players “snap” pictures of Pokemon characters as they play the game. The “photos” are stored in the game cartridge. Players then take their cartridges to participating Blockbuster stores and purchase a Pokemon Collectible Smart Card. Each store will have a special Pokemon Snap Station, equipped with Gemplus smart card readers, where the game cartridge and the smart card are inserted. Players can then print out a page of 16 stickers featuring their four favorite Pokemon, paid for by the `token’ stored on the smart card. Five different cards are currently offered, each with a different Pokemon character, to collect and trade. Other characters are expected to be introduced over the life of the promotion.For more information about Pokemon Snap or any other Nintendo product visit the company’s web site,, or the official Pokemon web site,

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