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GenXers Max Out

Gen X-ers carry $2,021 in credit card debt and are the most leveraged age group of American consumers. The figures comes from new research conducted by Scudder Kemper Investments. The study also showed that 46% of Gen X-ers are very concerned about credit card debt. According to the survey, 62% of both Gen-Xers (ages 22-33) and Baby Boomers (ages 34-52) admit carrying credit-card debt. Less than half of Swings (ages 53-65) and less than one-third of WWII-ers (ages 66-up) report carrying any credit card debt. Actual credit card debt levels Baby Boomers – $1,998; Swings – $1,366; and WWII-ers – $549. Fully 48% of Gen-Xers, say paying off and reducing debt is one of their most important saving and investment goals, second only to retirement. This compares with 40% of BabyBoomers, 26% of Swings and 14% of WWII-ers. While Gen-Xers and Boomers carry close to the same amount of credit card debt, there appears to be a distinct difference in the psychological burden or anxiety that this engenders. In particular, Generation X-ers appear to be more concerned about debt 46% of Gen-Xers report that credit card debt “concerns them a lot.” This compares with only 37% of Baby Boomers, 28% of Swings and just 15% of WWII-ers. The ‘Generations @ The Millennium’ study was based on 3,000 survey responses.

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