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If you do not know what Linux is then you should go to another news story. Linux, the more sophisticated alternative to the MS-DOS and Windows operating systems, has landed a credit card. To get the card you do not have to access a specific kernel, just a web site. MBNA and The Linux Fund joined up this week to offer the MasterCard. The Linux Fund is a non-profit, Oregon-based corporation that provides a means of channeling money to support Linux development. The new credit card features the popular Linux penquin mascot. The Linux Fund said it expects to offer the new card in Canada, the UK and Western Europe by January. As part of the early promotion, MBNA/Linux is offering a free $15 Linux Fund T-shirt for every new account that is used at least once for a purchase or cash advance. MBNA is offering a 4-month 3.9% intro rate for balance transfers and cash advances. The go-to rate and the rate for purchases is a fixed 12.99%. The no-fee card is available as a ‘Preferred MasterCard’ or as a ‘Platinum Plus MasterCard’. Under terms of the affinity agreement The Linux Fund earns a fee for each new account and a portion of transaction fee revenues. For more information visit

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