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Gays Prefer VISA

More lesbians and gay men carry VISA cards than any other kind of credit card, according to a new survey by CT-based Greenfield Online. VISA was carried by 67% of the gay and lesbian market, while MasterCard was carried by 51% and American Express by 23%. The research also found that over the past twelve months the popularity of department store cards dropped in the gay and lesbian community. The ‘Lesbian and Gay Market Study’ was jointly sponsored by CT-based Greenfield Online and Spare Parts, a New York consulting firm that specializes in marketing to the gay community . Spare Parts attributes the popularity of VISA to VISA’s numerous gay affinity cards. Among the most recent affinity offerings is the ‘PlanetOut VISA’ offered by NextCard and PlanetOut, the largest gay and lesbian online community. Citibank’s Travelers Bank also issues the ‘Rainbow VISA Card’ in conjunction with the Rainbow Endowment which supports issues affecting lesbian and gay health, cultural and civil rights. For more information visit

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