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Bone up on financial literacy with a new educational CD from VISA! VISA re-launched its ‘Choices & Decisions’ educational program this week. The multimedia interactive financial literacy program was originally launched in 1992 and was initially produced by Lucasfilm Learning in 1991. It is the best in its class. The newly revised ‘Choices & Decisions Taking Charge of Your Financial Life’ features instructional program content created by a team of advisors from the education and financial communities, including the NFCC, the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy and the National Consumers League. This is the third revision of the educational program which has been expanded to address the needs of both high school and college students as well as adults. VISA expects to distribute 5,000 complimentary copies of the interactive curriculum to educators nationwide this year. The revised educational package includes a comprehensive 14-chapter lesson plan book with overheads, activities, and exercises covering budgeting, saving, investing and how to recognize financial trouble – plus resources to find solutions; an interactive CD-ROM including a fun interactive game about financial decision making, a quiz show to test students’ fiscal savvy, a loan and credit card calculator as well as a series of budget work sheets; and a teaching video that corresponds with the lesson plan designed to illustrate a variety of financial situations and spark in-class conversation. VISA U.S.A. offers Choices & Decisions free to educators via (800) VISA-511. The CD-ROM portion of the program is available to the general public by calling (888) VISA-606.

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