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First Y2K Millionaire

Start the next year, decade, century, millennium with a million bucks in your pocket? This will happen to some lucky dude or dame when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. The Discover card is giving away $1 million to one winner on New Year’s Eve in the middle of Times Square in New York City. Starting this week, all Discover cardholders will be eligible for a chance to win in the Cashback Bonus Countdown Sweepstakes. Cardholders are entered in the sweepstakes with every purchase made through December 10. Other forms of entry include cash advances, balance transfers and new Discover Card applications. Discover will begin announcing 2,000 qualifiers on Saturday, October 9, one for each hour remaining in 1999. These 2000 qualifiers will each win a $100 Cashback Bonus award and will be announced on the Discover Card sign in Times Square as well as on Discover’s web site. From the pool of 2000 qualifiers, five finalists will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Times Square for New Year’s Eve. Four of the finalists will win $25,000 and one will leave the Big Apple a millionaire. On New Year’s Eve, Discover Card will announce the grand-prize winner on the Discover Card sign atop One Times Square. Discover Card’s 55’x55′ electronic billboard is directly below the spot where the famous New Year’s Eve ball descends. Visit for more information.

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