Consumer Payment Card News

Card Economics Improve

The number of consumers paying their credit card bills late is declining and the number of consumers stiffing credit card companies is declining too. This week, the American Bankers Association’s Consumer Credit Delinquency Bulletin shows consumer credit loan delinquencies (late payments) are at a four-year low. According to the report, 3.33% of all accounts were delinquent in the second quarter of this year (Apr 1-Jun 30), compared to 3.58% in the previous quarter (Jan 1-Mar 31). Second quarter credit card delinquencies, based on total dollars outstanding, dropped for the third consecutive quarter to 4.10% in the second quarter from 4.44% in the first quarter of 1999. Meanwhile the FDIC reported this week that net charge-offs (losses) on credit cards hit $545 million for 2Q/99, which is 20.4% lower than in the first quarter and $769 million or 26.5% less than a year ago. For the latest info on delinquency and chargeoffs visit CardData (

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