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Halloween Spending

American consumers will spend an average of $98 this year on Halloween candy, decorations and costumes for themselves and their children, up 21% from last year. According to the second annual American Express Retail Index on Halloween shopping, the most popular treats adults plan to give out this year are Snickers (19%), candy corn (12%), Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (7%), Tootsie Rolls (6%), Hershey’s (5%), M&M’s (5%) and Milky Way (4%). Consumers plan to spend an average of $30 on candy this year, making that the biggest part of the Halloween budget (31%). The remainder of the budget will be divided as follows Costumes – $22; Pumpkins – $16; other decorations – $11; attending parties or functions – $11; and entertaining at home – $8. To pay for Halloween-related purchases, respondents will use a combination of cash (72%), checks (16%), credit and/or charge cards (11%) and debit/ATM cards (9%).

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