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Real Jetsetter Gold Card

Thought gold cards lost their glitter? Think again. There is a new gold card for the very, very affluent. To qualify you have to own a personal Boeing 737 jet. Boeing Business Jets unveiled the ‘BBJ Gold Card’ this week. The card involves a partnership between Boeing, Air Routing and Delta Air Lines. Last month Boeing delivered the first business jet. With the use of a ‘BBJ Gold Card’, owners will have access to an integrated network of flight support services including emergency roadside service, significant fuel discounts, and consolidated invoices and billing statements. Delta Air Technical Operations Division will provide emergency roadside Service for BBJ customers. The business jet is a high-performance derivative of the Boeing Next-Generation 737-700 and provides a business jet platform that has a range of more than 7,000 statute miles. Since its launch as a joint venture between Boeing and General Electric, the Boeing Business Jets has received 56 orders. To date, 28 BBJs have been delivered. If you need to ask how much the business jet costs, then you cannot afford it. For more information

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