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Smarter Wallets

The smart money this year is in digital wallets! The dumb money is web shoppers who repeatedly fill out the same information for online orders. Digital wallets eliminate the tedious and repetitive task of completing online shopping order forms, passwords, login IDs and registration forms. Once your wallet is setup it becomes a piece of cake to go web shopping. NextCard, the pioneer of Internet credit cards, announced this week a partnership with to offer a digital wallet to its cardholders called NextCard Concierge. NextCard says its cardholders are five times more likely to purchase online than other credit card users. According to Jupiter Communications, seven out of 10 Internet users abandon online forms and shopping carts before a sale is made because they find filling out the forms too exasperating. Furthermore, in a survey conducted by, over 90 percent of the Internet users surveyed said that they regularly visit Web sites where registration and login are required. More than two-thirds of them found these obstacles to be a nuisance. For more information visit or

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