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Internet-based credit cards have spread from the U.S. to the U.K. and now to Canada. Bank of Montreal unveiled the new ‘ MasterCard’ this week. It is the first co-branded credit card in Canada geared specifically for the online shopper. is an major Canadian Internet portal and home of the largest Canadian online shopping mall. Benefits for the new card include free delivery or 10% off the retail price of goods purchased online at participating online retailers and the opportunity to earn ‘AIR MILES’ on every card purchase. With just the click of a mouse, online shoppers have access to valuable discounts on everything from books to clothing, and CDs to computers, from participating vendors such as,, and Bank of Montreal is also offering customers a choice of interest rate, annual fee and loyalty program. Cardholders may choose from a no fee MasterCard with an 18.40% interest rate, or a 13.9% interest rate MasterCard with a $15 annual fee. Cardholders can also opt for the ‘AIR MILES’ rewards program. For the 18.40% card with ‘AIR MILES’ the annual fee is $35. The lower 13.90% card with ‘AIR MILES’ requires a $50 annual fee instead of the basic $15 annual fee. Consumers may apply online for the new cards. For more information visit,

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