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The new VISA TravelMoney card is finally being tested in the USA. The Automobile Association of America, Fleet Boston and VISA have teamed up to test two stored value cards. The two AAA customized products, AAA MemberCash card and AAA MemberOne card, are designed to allow domestic and international travelers to gain access to funds domestically and abroad. The AAA MemberCash card is targeted to AAA members traveling internationally, and enables them to access cash in local currency at more than 500,000 VISA ATMs worldwide. The AAA MemberOne card is a stored value VISA card. The test is being conducted in 20 AAA offices of Automobile Club of Southern California, California State Automobile Association, AAA Michigan, and AAA Missouri. Both cards are branded as AAA products, with Fleet Boston Corp. sponsoring the program. VISA recently announced a partnership with ClaimCard to develop VISA TravelMoney in the USA. The AAA pilot program with Fleet Boston is the first result of that partnership. For more information on VISA TravelMoney visit

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