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Friday Credit Talk

Psst . . . MasterCard wants to talk to you. Tomorrow from 12 to 1 p.m. EST and again from 3 – 4 p.m. EST, MasterCard is sponsoring an online chat about credit card and money management. To plug into the chat session you will need to point your browser to On Friday, December 17th, personal finance author Geri Detweiler will host both chat sessions and will be dishing out the latest money management advice. Detweiler will address a variety of personal finance topics ranging from budgeting basics, to securing your privacy, to avoiding scams and identity theft. The Web site is MasterCard’s designated educational channel, which has been re-designed. MasterCard recently teamed up with Debt Counselors of America to create content for the upgraded site. MasterCard says the site has also been expanded with a credit calculator that projects savings made by increased credit card payments; a budget worksheet to create a personalized plan to control spending; links to credit bureaus to obtain a credit report; links to consumer sources for credit counseling; and a glossary of terms to explain credit card features, rates and the significance of a credit report. Another upcoming feature is a link to “Online University,” developed in conjunction with Debt Counselors of America, which houses an interactive financial fitness test. The test serves as an early warning system; by assessing an individual’s money management practices, it can help determine if he or she is headed for financial problems. For more information visit

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