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Magic Moments

Move over “Kodak Moments”. When it comes to Christmas the name of the game is “Magic Moments”. As of this week, over 13,000 consumers have hit a “Magic Moment” with their VISA card this holiday season. Each day from November 1 through December 31, VISA randomly selects a one-second moment when U.S. issued VISA card purchases are free, regardless of the amount. Cardholders win if their VISA purchase’s processing time stamp matches that day’s randomly selected magic moment. A credit will appear on their next possible statement. This year more than 13,000 winners have won a total of $1,000,000+. Last year, nearly 17,000 VISA cardholders won over $1.2 million. Stuart Krone of Phoenix, AZ, and his wife will celebrate a happier and healthier holiday after discovering that the VISA Magic Moment’s promotion would be paying for her gall bladder surgery. His $5,200 prize includes the $2,600 surgery as well as a bonus credit for $2,600 from a special prize bonus program provided by Bank of America. Howard Korpus of Lafayette, CA, won his daughter’s tuition this semester at California State University worth over $1,900. Debra Turner of Clayton, NC, won a $2,400 computer for her daughter’s Christmas present from Gateway 2000 Country Store. Turner decided to give her VISA winnings to charity. For more details, including consumer sweepstakes official rules, call 800/266-6712 or visit

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