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What Me Worry

When it comes to concern over Y2K, American consumers are more worried that supermarkets will run out of milk, bread and toilet paper or that a terrorist will show up at their house, than anything else. A New Orleans bank said a survey of its customers it recently conducted found that only 7% were “very concerned” about Y2K. At the same time, 16% of consumer and 22% of commercial clients reported being “somewhat concerned.” in the Hibernia National Bank survey. Within this concerned group, overreaction by the public and availability of food and necessities, was most frequently named as a potential problem. Only 11% of consumer and 8% of commercial customers surveyed plan to withdraw extra cash, and 15% of consumer and 16% of commercial customers plan to save bank statements. A mere 1% said they planned to stop direct deposit. The findings mirror a recent Gallup Poll which showed that consumer confidence in Y2K preparations by the banking industry has reached an all-time high of 90%, up from 76% last March. This week, the FDIC and the Federal Reserve said they are satisfied that 100% of the more than 10,200 banks and thrifts they regulate are ready for year 2000. For more information abut Y2K and banks visit ex.html.

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