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US Airways is upgrading its frequent flyer card in March and has virtually eliminated the problem of expiring miles. Air miles earned in the Dividend Miles program will not expire so long as the cardmember has account activity during a 36-month period. Qualifying account activity includes miles earned for US Airways flights, miles earned by using the Dividend Miles VISA card, mileage earned through any of US Airways’ partners or any miles redeemed through the program. US Airways also extended the Preferred member benefit period from 12 months to 14 months. US Airways will also rename two membership tiers to better recognize the importance of each Preferred level member. Beginning March 1, 2000, the level currently known as “Preferred” will be named “Silver Preferred.” To reach Silver Preferred, a member still will need only to fly 25,000 miles or 30 segments in a calendar year. The level currently known today as “Preferred Plus” will be named “Gold Preferred.” The qualification level remains 50,000 miles or 60 segments in a calendar year. US Airways’ highest level will continue to be called “Chairman’s Preferred.” To qualify for Chairman’s Preferred, a member must travel 100,000 miles or 100 segments in a calendar year. Under a marketing agreement between US Airways and American Airlines, Dividend Miles members can use the miles earned while flying US Airways for free travel on American Airlines and American Airlines AAdvantage members can use their miles to fly free on US Airways flights. For additional information on the US Airways Dividend Miles program call 1-800-428-4322, or visit US Airways online at

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