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VISA Millionaire

Millionaires are popping up everywhere. Last week VISA and AOL made a San Francisco Bay Area woman the latest millionaire. America Online and VISA awarded one million dollars to Franza Giffen Newsom as the lucky winner of the AOL and VISA ‘You’ve Got a Million’ Sweepstakes. The promotion was designed to encourage registration and use of Shop@AOL’s Quick Checkout digital wallet technology, an online payment solution that enables consumers to pre-enter data to avoid continuously re-entering their personal and credit card information for each purchase. Customers enter routinely requested information, including up to 10 credit cards, billing information and up to 50 shipping addresses, allowing them to shop seamlessly across AOL’s participating merchant partners. More than 70% of AOL users signing up for the program used a VISA card. Shoppers received one entry when they registered for Shop@AOL’s Quick Checkout (AOL Keyword Million) between November 1 and December 20, 1999. One grand-prize winner was chosen via a random drawing and awarded the one million dollars. Quick Checkout is a complimentary shopping service available to users of the AOL Shopping destinations Shop@AOL, Shop@AOL.COM, Shop@CompuServe, Shop@Netscape, Shop@Spinner and Shop@Digital City. Online shoppers using any of these destinations need to register for a Quick Checkout account only once to use it across each of the sites. For more information visit AOL or

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