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Holographic Store Card

Nordstrom has launched the first space age store credit card that rewards customers on how much they spend as well as how long they have been a cardholder. The fashion specialty retailer unveiled its new credit cards last week. The new cards offer loyalty rewards as well as access to ATM cash. The new Nordstrom Retail card, Nordstrom Legacy card, Nordstrom Platinum card and Nordstrom Platinum Legacy card are the first fashion retail cards to recognize customer spending and tenure, offer a rewards program to all customers regardless of spending level, and provide the option for cash advances at all ATMs displaying the PLUS symbol. They are also the first credit cards to contain a full-faced hologram. Nordstrom commissioned internationally acclaimed designer Jennifer Morla to create the hologram designs for the cards. The new Nordstrom cards have also moved the placement of all customer information to the back of the cards. The Nordstrom Legacy Card recognizes customers with fifteen or more years of Nordstrom card membership. Nordstrom credit customers across the country will receive their replacement proprietary cards beginning this week thru May 31. Nordstrom says many of these customers will also be offered lower interest rates. For more information visit

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