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New Web Heads

The Internet is no longer the domain of geeks, perverts and teenyboppers. Media Metrix reported last week that the number of baby boomers and seniors on the Internet grew by 18.4% last year, making them the fastest growing Internet population. Since credit card issuers love to target this high-spending segment, this is good news. Of all age groups, 45- to 64-year olds have the most credit cards and the highest usage, as well as the highest percentage of frequent-flier members. An analysis of 1999 data shows that this group now comprises 20% of total online users, outpacing 18- to 24-year olds who trail at 17.5%. Media Metrix says the analysis also shows that 45- to 64-year olds surf the Internet more frequently, stay there longer, and check out more Internet pages than even their college-age counterparts, thereby contradicting the widely-held belief that older Americans are technology laggards. For more information visit

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