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While RocketCash, Cybermoola, and PocketCard have launched new payment systems for teenagers, there is another alternative that has been around for the past two years. It is prepaid VISA and MasterCard gift cards. This week, Card Express, Inc. introduced an Internet version of their prepaid MasterCard called the CardEx MasterCard iCard. The iCard works like a conventional credit card. It can be used at any online store that accepts MasterCard. Optionally, it can even be used in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. But there are several important differences
1. The iCard can be purchased online and sent by e-mail as a gift to a recipient anywhere in the world. It’s perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions.

2. The iCard is a debit card, not a credit card. That means you pay for it up front, then use it for purchases.

3. With iCard, online shopping is safe and secure. iCard contains no personal credit information, so your privacy is protected online. Users never have to worry about credit card theft or “cloning” online.

CardEx also says parents with youngsters in high school or college can give them iCards. Because the cards have pre-set spending limits, there is no risk the youngster will run up credit card debt. Yet he or she has immediate access to a credit card for routine or unexpected purchases.

Parents and youngsters can monitor card activity at the CardEx Web site.

iCards can be purchased in denominations of $25 to $250. When the recipient activates the “virtual card” (which can be done online), CardEx provides a MasterCard debit card number. iCard can then be used at any e-commerce site that accepts MasterCard.

Funds can be added to the iCard at any time. An online account summary enables users to check balances, transaction history and account activity at any time. As an option, a plastic iCard can be obtained at a nominal fee for use in brick and mortar stores.

iCard gives parents a quick and convenient way to provide their children with a controlled amount of spending money that they cannot exceed. The parent can access the account activity report online to review how the iCard is being used, monitor purchases, and recharge it.

Parents of college-age kids never have to worry about wire-transferring money to a student living far from home. For those with younger children, opening an iCard with a minimum of $25 lets kids safely enjoy the e-commerce experience.

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