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Cobalt Card

Gold cards, platinum cards, titanium cards move over . . . it’s time for the cobalt card. Another company has joined the battle to build a payment system for teenagers. San Francisco-based Cobaltcard said it has raised more cash and has assembled an A-list advisory board. Cobaltcard joins the battle to face other players such as RocketCash, Cybermoola, PocketCard, and CardEx iCard. The free Cobaltcard requires a social security number, driver’s license or State ID and a bank account to register. Once members receive their Cobaltcard account number and transfer funds online from their bank account into their secure Cobaltcard, they can make immediate online purchases. For persons 15 years and younger, parental approval is required. Advisory board members include Apple Computer Co-Founder Steve Wozniak and Robert D. Summer, Former President, Sony Music International. For more information visit

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