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Bankruptcy Reform

Passage of a new federal personal bankruptcy code looks dim at best. This is possibly good news for consumers since the legislation passed by both houses of Congress are anything but consumer friendly. The clock is running out quickly for enactment of the bankruptcy reform bills passed by the US Congress. The process of reconciling the differences between the House-passed bill and the Senate-passed bill have taken much longer than anticipated. There are less than fifty working days left in the current session of Congress. The delay has been attributed to the inclusion of consumer-protection provisions such as the requirement that lenders disclose how long it will take to pay off a credit card or other loan if only the minimum payment is made. There have also been debates over the language of the bills. Last week opposition arose over the Senate version of the bankruptcy reform bill which includes a provision that enables creditors to access personal retirement assets if a customer files bankruptcy. Reportedly, lobbyists are concerned that if the bill is delayed until next year it might face a Democrat majority House.

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