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Mother Swiping

American consumers will swipe their credit cards for more Mother’s Day purchases than Valentine’s Day purchases. According to an online shopping survey conducted by MasterCard, an overwhelming 70% of the respondents said they will spend more money on their Mom for Mother’s Day than they did on their sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. Nearly 75% of the women respondents said they would spend more money on their Mothers than they would on their sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. Men were split with only 51% choosing Mom over their sweetheart. Of those that participated in the survey, 31% said they planned to purchase a Mother’s Day gift online. When it came to men, 41% said they would surf the Web for their gift, while only 27% of women expected to shop online for Mother’s Day. Flowers and jewelry ranked number one and two respectively (47% and 32%) as gifts purchased online for Mother’s Day. Men, however, are significantly more likely to purchase these traditional gifts for Mom. In fact, 80% of the men shopping online said they will purchase flowers and 60% will purchase jewelry as their gift for Mom. Comparatively, only 23% of the women said they will buy flowers and 12% will select jewelry. Although 69% of men and women expect to spend the same amount on a gift regardless if they are with their Mother on Mother’s Day, 26% anticipate they will spend more money on their gift if they do not join their Mother on her day. Five percent of the respondents planned on spending less on gift even though they wouldn’t be with Mom on Mother’s Day. For more information or special deals on Mother’s Day purchases visit MasterCard Exclusives on

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