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An ATM transaction turned into a life-long transaction for a California couple this holiday weekend. The two love birds were joined in matrimony at a Bank of America ATM in the small town of St. Helena, about 75 miles north of San Francisco. Deep in thought while checking her ATM transaction receipt, the bride literally bumped into the groom-to-be several years ago at the ATM. After again bumping into each other later the same day, there was a sense that it was meant to be. As a result, Lesa McGill and Laurence Etcheberry were married Saturday. The Bank of America ATM was draped in a floral arrangement donated by St. Helena Florists. As wedding favors , the bank provided souvenir ATM cards reading — “Congratulations , Lesa and Laurence.” The bride was driven to the wedding in a classic 1933 Lincoln KB automobile that is owned by the bank. As a special surprise , the bride and groom were given three minutes to withdraw as much cash as possible from their favorite Bank of America ATM. They managed to pull $840 from the ATM for additional honeymoon cash. In case you want to visit the lucky ATM it is located at the main entrance of the St. Helena branch of Bank of America at 1001 Adams Street. For the location of other BofA ATMs, that could produce a personal relationship, visit

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