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Quantum Leap

While it is getting harder and harder to impress someone with a credit card, MBNA has come up with a super exclusive card. The new Quantum MasterCard offers a million dollar credit line and the option of earning up to one million air miles per year. Under the Quantum program, cardholders who qualify can access lines of credit totaling $1 million. The first $250,000 of the Quantum account is completely available by card, check, or cash. Beyond that a check-accessed line of credit can be arranged for an additional $750,000. An optional Quantum Rewards program enables wealthy cardholders to earn up to one million miles per year, good for unlimited worldwide redemptions. Pricing for the Quantum MasterCard varies, but the account typically features a 2.9% introductory rate and a fixed 13.99% rate thereafter. There is no annual fee, but the optional Quantum Rewards program costs $75 per year. There are no over-the-credit-limit-fees and no ATM transaction fees. Quantum clients also have access to preferred rates on MBNA CDs and Money Market Accounts. The program also features a top-of-the-line concierge service called “Quantum Assist”. For more information visit

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