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QuickBooks MasterCard

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Integrating a business card into accounting software is the newest credit card twist from Citibank. Intuit and Citibank USA rolled out the QuickBooks MasterCard this week. The new credit card is integrated into QuickBooks, Intuit’s small business accounting software, for its 2.8 million users. Small businesses that sign up for the QuickBooks credit card can download credit card transactions into QuickBooks 2000 wherein transactions are automatically recorded and categorized. Employees can also be assigned credit cards, and all purchasing activity made with the cards can then be downloaded directly into the QuickBooks register. A small business owner can also assign QuickBooks credit card sub-accounts to any owner, office manager, or trusted employee and track expenses without additional data entry. The QuickBooks MasterCard pricing includes no-annual-fee, 3.9% three month APR followed by an ongoing APR as low as 11.9%. Small business owners can request approval based on either their business or personal credit. For more information visit or or

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